PMA Redefining Dispute Resolution PMA Redefining Dispute Resolution

Louise LaMothe

I partner with counsel to design the best mediation process for their clients. If the case does not settle at mediation, I follow up relentlessly afterwards.

-Louise A. LaMothe, Esq. Read More »
John DiCaro

It’s often said the “best conversationalist” is the one who listens the most - not the one who talks the most. I believe that this is because listening is the key to understanding. My role, as a mediator, is to listen and understand the needs of the litigants and by doing so, provide the greatest opportunity to facilitate resolution to the parties’ dispute.

-John DiCaro, Esq. Read More »
Robert Coviello
Results matter. Experience, preparation, hard work, persistence and follow-up enhance the prospects for a successful mediation. You should expect no less from me as your mediator. -Robert D. Coviello, Esq. Read More »
Katherine Edwards

I believe that a fluid mediation process best adapts to the demands that each unique case presents so I strive to be flexible and creative.  I also believe that the parties and counsel with whom I mediate recognize the respect and empathy I try to show each and every participant. By earning their trust, I hope to instill confidence that I can guide them out of conflict to resolution.  While being a subject matter expert in law is important, being an expert in human nature is critical to successful mediation.

-Katherine J. Edwards, Esq. Read More »
Howard Hay

'Seek first to understand, then to be understood’ makes us better people, more effective lawyers, and more persuasive in finding solutions that benefit our clients. I am committed to understand you and your client’s evidence and perspective, and work as hard as you do to reach a common ground in mediation or a proper decision in arbitration.

-Howard C. Hay, Esq. Read More »
Eleanor Barr

Settling cases is my passion. As a mediator for the past thirteen years, I have served thousands of attorneys and their clients by helping them successfully resolve their legal matters. To each case, I bring my ability to manage complex legal and practical issues, as well as my seasoned communication skills – qualities that contribute to my settlement rate of over ninety percent.

-Eleanor Barr, Esq. Read More »
Denise Madigan
Every mediation has its own challenges, and one size does not fit all. Having mediated professionally for over twenty years, I have learned to identify the barriers to settlement specific to each dispute, and to tailor my approach accordingly. Whether legal, factual, psychological or other issues emerge, the best mediators see them coming and can manage them constructively. -Denise Madigan, Esq. Read More »
Lee Jay Berman

Settling cases in a mature mediation market like California over the past 17 years has required me to become more adept at managing negotiation subtleties, client expectations, difficult personalities, and enhanced details and complexities of cases. Mediation today involves a whole different set of skills than it did 5-10 years ago. I attribute a large part of my success to being a quick study, having deep and broad experience, incredible patience and tenacious energy.

-Lee Jay Berman Read More »
Eugene Moscovitch

My mediation style is a good match for PMA. While others credit my strong work ethic, result-focused tenacity and positive attitude, for my having achieved an extraordinary rate of settlement, I prefer to believe that it is rooted in my strong desire to be of service to the parties and my genuine love for the mediation process itself.

-Eugene C. Moscovitch, Esq. Read More »
Christine Masters

My intention as a mediator is to guide disputants to informed decisionmaking.  Drawing from my experience as an employment rights attorney and student of non-violent communication, psychology, and gerontology, I listen in an empathic, non-judgmental manner and work patiently with the disputants and their counsel to reach an acceptable and durable resolution.

-Christine Masters, Esq. Read More »
Alan Ribakoff
Alan’s substantial legal expertise and hands-on litigation experience with a wide range of legal issues has enabled him to successfully resolve numerous matters which had been deemed irresolvable. -Alan Ribakoff, Esq. Read More »

    Mission Statement

    “We don’t want to be the biggest–we simply want to be the best. Our goal is to create an environment where our highly respected neutrals can collaborate and where dispute resolution is enhanced by this environment.”

    —Cary Sarnoff